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Packaging Tips

May 30, 2018 0Courier

When sending parcels and packages, it is important to ensure that they are properly packed and protected so that damage does not occur during transit. Here are some of the more commonly asked questions regarding packaging:

Q: If I have a parcel being delivered the same day, why do I have to package it? Can’t I just send it as is?

A: Our couriers do take great care with all items collected and delivered. However, the ultimate responsibility for adequately packing parcels lies with the sender.  We always do our very best to look after everything we collect and deliver but sometimes it is not possible to ensure the safety of items which have not been properly packaged.

Q: Why is it important for me to package items going nationwide and/or internationally?

A: Overnight and international carriers have developed sophisticated and efficient networks to ensure items can be delivered quickly and cost effectively. These networks involve multiple handlers and carriers along the way. Your parcel could be added to hundreds or even thousands of others at certain stages of the delivery process and therefore, it must be appropriately packaged to withstand such rigours. Responsibility for adequately packing goods lies with the sender and if goods become damaged during transit, they will either be delivered damaged or in some instances, will be returned to sender. Either way, the sender will be charged for the delivery.

Q: What does ‘adequate packaging mean’

It is always a good idea to spend a little time before sending a parcel to consider whether it is adequately packaged. If you have ever checked in a suitcase at the airport, think about the conveyor belt it goes along, the trolley it is put onto (along with many other bags), it being loaded onto the plane itself, unloaded and then put onto another conveyor belt for your collection. Is your parcel packaged well enough to withstand that type of rigorous handling? As a general rule, we would always advise that items are boxed, with the item itself not touching any of the edges of the box. The box should be slightly larger than the item. Bubble-wrap, foam wrap, shredded cardboard or other packing materials should all help to ensure the safe transit of your item(s). If there are multiple items in one box, you should make sure that each is individually protected and that the items are not touching each other if they are breakable. If you item could be damaged by getting wet, it should be wrapped in protective plastic or similar.

Q: What about glass bottles, such as a bottle of wine for a client?

A: Glass is easily breakable and as such, needs to be given extra attention when transporting. Carriers will not acceptable any responsibility for damage to glass items and so it is important to think carefully about the types of packaging to use. Bottles themselves should be wrapped in durable packaging such as bubble-wrap and the wrapping should cover the entire bottle, including the top and bottom. The bottle should then be placed in a box which is slightly larger than the bottle and the box should then be well packed with packing materials to ensure that no part of the bottle is touching the box and that the bottle does not move around inside the box. As a general rule, you should be able to drop the box from desk height without the bottle being damaged.

Q: I have boxed my items as per your guidelines. What now?

A: The way that you seal the box is also important. The box should be fully packed but not so overfull that there is a risk of the box bursting. We always recommend using a strong box – a well-worn, lightweight box could easily burst. It should then be sealed using a strong tape such as parcel tape, electrical tape or duct tape. Cellophane tapes and masking tapes are not sufficient for ensuring that a package stays closed and are therefore not an ideal alternative.

Q: I have further questions on this, can you help?

A; Of course, please call us on 01 450 5844 and we would be happy to offer guidance on this subject. Due to time and other constraints, it is not possible for our couriers to advise on-site so please call our contact centre team instead.

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