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New latest state of the art Raleigh E Cargo bike is hitting the Dublin City streets very soon with Relay Express Couriers offering zero emissions deliveries for a Greener Dublin City Centre. Reducing traffic, pollution and helping our city become more environmentally friendly. 

Climate change and pollution are some of most formidable global challenges of our time. As a primary emitter of greenhouse gasses , the transport and logistics industry have a key responsibility to help tackle this issue.
Relay Express acknowledge our responsibility and take this challenge very seriously and are proud to say we are playing our part to offer a green courier service to reduce our carbon footprint, improve our service to clients and improve air quality for our couriers on the road in Dublin city centre.

We are working with our current & new clients to combine deliveries to reduce time on the road, dead mileage, traffic and greenhouse gasses emitted. We aim to offer you the best green delivery service -the right vehicle for the right package, at the right time, resulting in the lowest environmental impact to our planet all at the right price for you too.

Our Zero-emission fleet fleet includes pushbike, cargo bikes and our newest ecargo zero emission bike landing October 2021.

E Cargo Bike
Relay Express boast Dublin’s newest eCargo Bike which can carry the load of a small van and dart through trafic using cycle lanes.

To give a sense of the impact these new vehicle types can have, one ecargo bike has a load capacity of up to 50kg and can carry a similar load to a small van. These bikes complete jobs 50% faster than a small van at peak times, with each bike completing 20 jobs a day and saving up to eight tonnes of green house gasses emissions per year.

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